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"Homes along Palomino Valley Road and nearby Oak Valley Middle School have been evacuated after a vegetation fire broke out in the 4S Ranch area. Students were taken by bus to the Westview High School gym, where parents were told to pick them up. Dental Assistant Pleads Guilty to Sexually Assaulting Women Crews on Thursday afternoon were battling the vegetation fire, estimated at 5 acres, in the 4S Ranch area. As of 4 p.m., it was 70 percent contained, fire officials said The fire, first reported at 3 p.m., was sending thick smoke above the area of 42 Ranch Parkway and Dove Creek Road, west of Interstate 15 and south of Camino Del Norte. Fire officials said the fire had torched a riverbed behind homes on Palomino Valley Road and has a slow rate of spread."

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Chung cư 69 vũ trọng phụng l tm điểm của thị trường thời gian tới,chung cu 69 vu trong phung khởi cng từ qu II/2015 v dự kiến cho bn ra thị trường vo giữa năm 2016.Chung cư vinata tower,chung cư vinata towers,chung cư vinata tower 289 khuất duy tiến,vinata tower 289 khuất duy tiến,chung cư 289 khuất duy tiến,chung cu 289 khuat duy tien.

Chung cư the artemis số 3 l trọng tấn,chung cư the artemis l trọng tấn,chung cư số 3 l trọng tấn.

Vinhomes dragon bay,vinhomes dragon bay hạ long,vinhomes quảng ninh,liền kề vinhomes dragon bay,liền kề vinhomes hạ long,nh phố thương mại vinhomes dragon bay,nh phố thương mại vinhomes hạ long,biệt thự vinhomes dragon bay,biệt thự vinhomes quảng ninh,biệt thự vinhomes hạ long.

Chung cư udic riverside,chung cu udic riverside,chung cư udic riverside 122 vĩnh tuy,chung cư 122 vĩnh tuy.

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