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#1 am 08.02.2022 um 12:10 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren

If you are interested in writing content and seek to work in this field, you have undoubtedly heard a lot about SEO, or what is known as search engine optimization in Arabic or SEO. Perhaps you tried to read about it, but you were surprised by the huge amount of information about this concept that made you feel lost.


كورس سيو


No worries, in today's article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide that answers all your questions about this concept in an easy and simple way.


What is SEO?


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, or “Search Engine Optimization” and expresses the practices that aim to increase and raise the quality of web traffic (the number of visits to a particular website), through unpaid search results on search engines, what is known as "Organic Search Results" means the regular unpaid search. Although the term is an acronym for "search engine optimization", this concept is more about people than search engines. It is about: understanding what users are searching for on the web. The answers they seek to find.


The words they use in their research. The type of content they consume. When you can identify these things, you will be able to connect users who are searching on the Internet with the right solutions offered by your website. It is worth noting that SEO or SEO is a two-sided coin, where the first face is to know what users are searching for on the Internet, while the second face is to provide this information in a way that search engines can find and understand so that they can communicate it to the user.

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