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Do your shoes take over your closet? An organized shoe closet is a great solution to provide them with a separate specific space. Before you shop for a cabinet, follow these 8 suggestions to help you choose the perfect size, style and style for your brand new shoe storage system.

Measure the Space You Have Available.

Before you start looking for a shoe cabinet you must measure the space you have. This will allow you to determine the dimensions and design of the cabinet that is suitable for your space. Check the width, depth , and the height of your space to get a clear image of the size that can be built. Be aware of any obstructions, like windows or vents that could limit the dimensions the cabinet.

Consider Storing Shoes on Top or On an Open Shelf

If the area of your cabinet for shoes is small, you might think about storing your footwear on top of a shelf. Shoes cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles that includes an upper shelf could give you extra storage space. If you decide to go with an ordinary closed-door cabinet make sure to include the measurements needed for the height to accommodate all your shoes. Remember that many designs have adjustable shelves, which allows you to modify the interior to accommodate the various sizes of shoes.

Divide and conquer using multiple Compartments or Shelves

Most shoe cabinets come with numerous shelves or compartments that are suitable to store specific kinds of shoes. Sandals, high-heeled shoes running shoes, and boots all require different degrees of support. These must be kept in separate places to prevent damage or clutter. Find shoe cabinets with a variety of adjustable heights and plenty of space for each kind of shoe in its own compartment. This allows you to alter the appearance of your cabinet and also provide adequate support to ensure your shoes remain in good form.

Doors can be great for increasing storage space, however they're not required. If your cabinet for shoes will be hidden inaccessible, for instance inside a hallway closet or beneath a bed it is possible to choose an open style, which is an attractive and space-saving choice! However should you be planning on placing your cabinet near the entryway (such as in front of the door) look for cabinets that have doors to allow your shoes to be kept clean and free of dust.

Does Your Shoe Cabinet Need a Mirror?

If you intend to use the cabinet for your shoes as a creative method of decorating, you should opt for a cabinet with a mirror. This lets you quickly look over your outfit from head to toe (and even apply touch-ups when needed) prior to leaving. It's not just practical but it could also be some interest to your decor, especially in smaller rooms or closets that are small in size.


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