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Better Voice Acting Better Voice Acting - The MyCareer story has become Nba 2k22 Mt star-studded in the past few years. Rosario Dawson, Rosario Dawson, and Idris Elba are just some of the actors who have appeared on the series. This is an excellent way to market to casual fans.

A-List talent is expensive There are a few areas that have been left unfinished when it comes to voice actors. The characters' lines sound boring and dull. The acting isn't as great as in real life. 2K Sports should spend more on better voice actors.

NBA 2K Players Say They were swindled out of "At Most $215,000' NBA 2K, a virtual basketball game for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox allows players to chat with and compete against friends and strangers in the game via voice chat and online play modes.

Last month, users claimed that the popular @StepBackRack participant in the Twitch community known as "Rack," took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Australian and New Zealand communities in an apparent investment fraud. It's alleged another gamer, @Raangee, was also implicated in the scam.

Tyceno, who is a YouTuber and streamer was the first to expose the scam. He convinced young gamers to pay them thousands of dollars in exchange in exchange for thousands of dollars. "I have good reason to believe @StepBackRack is the culprit behind an illegal pyramid scheme which took place in the NBA 2K community and in which more than $200,000 got taken from young vulnerable victims believing they could 'flip' their cash," Tyceno wrote. But, it's still unclear whether Rack or Raangee were involved in the scam or whether their handles were compromised. We've tried numerous times to 2k22 mt buy contact them but without success.

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