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#1 am 24.10.2020 um 03:04 Uhr

I racked up OSRS GP about 450'ish slayer rewards points (Something like this ), and wished to see just how much slayer xp I could buy. Instead, I bought about 350 points or so worth of slayer dart casts, and each cast is all about 480 coins roughly. I just felt like sharing that it is about 35k coins for 1 slayer point, trading them like this. I have no use for slayer things anymore, I obstructed the tasks I despise (Goraks, Jungle Strykes, Wyverns) and I'm fine with the remainder.

I do not actually need the points , and I just wanted to share this with those who've points and don't really know what to do together (Following a helm, I don't see anything left to purchase ). Anyways, I am flipping through the Jagex store, experimenting with their T-shirt maker thing. Has anyone here from Sal's created one? What's the quality of the prints when they finally come out? Was it worth paying the money? I'm definitely considering piecing one together for my clan with its pink and flowery cape. I'm weighing the price of having Jagex do this for me, or just having Andrew take action. In that case, if Andrew is up for creating tops (he's experienced with Photoshop, graphic design, and is a general"artsy" type individual ) and wheny'would pay a nominal fee, I am only casually wondering who'd be interested in getting some type of T-shirt?

Of course, I understand that some ofy'all might not be interested in wearing one. I'm, just for the novelty of it. Additionally, Andrew has no idea I have signed him up for this. Again, I am just testing the waters out. That is more of a"what's the deal with this; are they any good?" Kind of thread, I guess. I ought to have coordinated this more before posting it. Oh well! I am not sure if this belongs in queries or not, but it is intended to spark a dialogue so I'll place it here. Since the introduction of the GE and before then, stores have been for the most part redundant.

Some stores are helpful: notably those that sell strange enough things that they never end up about the GE, or those that sell expensive goods in bulk cheaply, like feathers or runes. Also of use are stores that sell unique or untradeable things, like Thessalia's clothing store, Xuan's shop, or Faruq's tools for games. However, the majority of shops for every day gielinorians are fresh and unuseful. Nobody will sell jewels to the gem dealer or jewellery to buy RS3 gold the jewellery owner these days, or go to taverly to purchase a mithril 2h sword.

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