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Donald Trump's son Eric has hit a plan for เกมสล็อตฟรี MSP to debate whether his father's business interests in Scotland should be examined.The MSP will vote on a movement calling for an investigation into the former U.S. president's business interests during a debate led by Scott Greens on Wednesday.The party wants the Trump Organization's golf courses to be vetted through an unexplained wealth order.The Scottish Government said only Lord Advocate can decide whether to put such an order.

Eric Trump, who is a moderator and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said the discussions could hamper foreign investors.He said: ďAt a crucial time when politicians should focus on saving lives and opening new businesses in Scotland, they are focusing on advancing their personal agenda.The Trump Organization has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Scottish economy, helped Turnberry and rebuild it into one of the best resorts in the world.In Aberdeen and Turnberry, the Trump organization has created thousands of jobs and made an overwhelming contribution to the leisure and tourism industry.

Patrick Harvey, co-leader of Scottish Greens, said there was "Extremely concerned" about how Donald Trump financed his Scotland golf course with cash.The party will renew calls for an investigation of land purchases at Turnberry and Menie during the opposition debate.Entertainment, as well as Eric Trump's tantrums, said Harvey, he didn't say where his father got the money to buy a golf course in Scotland, that's why I did. Calls on the Scottish Government to seek unexplained wealth orders. A Scottish Government spokesman said this week: "Any decision to be taken to court the session for an unexplained wealth decree was made on behalf of the Scottish Government by the recovery unit. Civilian (CRU), reported to Lord Advocate.

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