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Evolution In Runescape? I thought about it for RuneScape gold a while. Soul Wars has the obelisk in its middle and two graveyards to either side. Anyyway the primary goal of the game is to create your own graveyard for your team. Now you're near the obelisk, which is the most crucial part of the game. The next step is to take down the avatar. Let's say your team is successful. One guy lowers the avatar's level to zero by using an Obelisk. Your team will take over the second cemetery.

The avatar is before you now. The most surprising thing about this is the fact that the opposite side has the graveyard right close to the avatar. In a, IDUNNO, PERFECT place to defend it? Evolution is the result of mutations, eventually leading to the superior race/animal: Survival or the death of the fittest.

But, it also is not without its same context. It's a very nice cause-and-effect sequence if we think Gielnorianly. Please don't say to methat "omg you're a noob, that's not true ny evolution gtfo no and get science degree thank you". Tell me what you think.

After seeing a skiller join a dunging group, I had an idea to create one. He was at level 3 and there were 120, 111 (me), 105(me) and 89 other members of the party. While we were all working to clean out the rooms in a horde and looking for key to our door, this lvl3 skiller went about and, without a better description, sucked up every resource point. When the stage, the entire group got "Beast Mode" title, which reads "You showed Mod (something)'s stubborness by exhausting all resources on your route to your boss."

I thought: Wow, being a skilled participant at dung parties sure has its advantages. The skiller does not tank, so we don't require food. ("HEY 105! Come on here, we'll require a skilled, high-level player to take down the hits and get the food off the ground after taking 10+ blows. Oh ya, no food for you either because we're less in level than you are and buy runescape 3 gold we're more hungry even though we don't get hit".

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