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Keenan Allen is in a Mut 22 coins love-hate relationship to Madden. He's behind Derwin James, he's one of the biggest fans of the game of the Chargers despite having his fair share of problems regarding the ratings adjustors who are behind his numbers.

In the days before Madden 20 came out prior to the 2019 season, Allen was outraged over his sub-par deep route running rating. After showing his talents of getting deep during joint training with the Rams his ratings adjustors upped his score in the area.

In the summer of last year, Allen was asked a inquiry about the game more and he proceeded to call the game "trash" and admitted that he doesn't play that anymore. In the following weeks however, he was taking part in a Madden event hosted by The Checkdown where he played with James as well as other NFL players.

As with all players in Madden If the game is enjoyable and enjoyable, you'll be awestruck. If it's not so kind, it's the worst thing to happen.

Fortunately this year, ratings adjustors gave Allen the respect he merits among their initial wide receiver rankings. They awarded Allen an overall grade of 93, good for seventh place in the game. Other notable players that are among the top 10 are Mike Evans and Allen Robinson.

What do you think madden 22 mut coins about Allen's initial rating of Madden? Is it too low? Is it at the proper level? What do you think Allen will accomplish if collaborates with Justin Herbert for a career year.

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