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Microsoft will pull the legacy Edge browser from Windows 10 PCs on April 13, a milestone in its years-long effort to move a large customer base to the modern browser.Two decades ago, the software giant's Internet Explorer beat rival Netscape Navigator and dominate the market, but Microsoft has let its software lag behind. Young rivals Firefox and Chrome took over the project, and Apple's Safari began a revolution in mobile browsers.Microsoft couldn't keep up with it despite trying to pull IE into the modern Edge, so it moved Edge to its foundation. Google Chrome's open-source Chromium renamed Edge, previously Edge Legacy.


IE has been a memento for years, but โปรโมชั่น slotxo now Edge Legacy is working on a software scrap heap. On Friday, Microsoft announced that a Windows security update would reinstall Edge if it hadn't been installed and removed the new Edge Legacy Edge as the default browser in the latest Windows 10 versions.Microsoft has dramatically changed the stance of the browser over the years. That was once seen as a threat to Windows, the foundation of rival software that runs on any device, browsers are now recognized.


On PCs, it's widely used software, and browser-based apps have helped Microsoft expand its services beyond Windows.

Microsoft released a new test release of Edge for public testing in April 2019 and the first stable release in January 2020.The software is similar to Google's dominant Chrome, relying on its core software. But includes differences such as vertical tab arrangement and A collection for storing information you collect while on the web.There are also built-in Edge features, such as improved search, which are designed to help more business users.

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