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Now, open your MyCareer, specifically with a profile that's gone through all the beginning tutorials. Head to Brickley's Gym and it's shown on your City map. Go inside the gym, and play your first game by NBA 2K22 MT talking with the NPC inside. After your badge progress loads at the end of the game, you must quit to end the session.

Return to the game, and immediately accelerate your speed by hitting the right bumper. If the glitch has been fixed right, you'll see that it's still playing as though you never played that game But you'll still get to keep the badge progress or VC you have earned from your previous victory. Keep playing the first time, continue to win and enjoy the reward.

Another quick VC method that's been making waves in the 2K community in the last few hours is an issue that's affecting the current generation of courts. The glitch, in particular, works best on the 10k VC courts, but it's actually applicable to any court, if you'd like to earn a smaller reward.

As outlined in his video by Geminus the trick involves a full court and a lot of coordination. You should have two teams join in , and as soon when your player's name changes in white after everyone has been present, wait five minutes and let one team with NBA 2K MT Coins three players leave the field with the other team.

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