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Lost dogs: The team reuniting pooches with their owners

From detecting the faint barking of pups stuck in quarries to finding spooked dogs who've bolted through fireworks, this team of dog rescuers rarely has a dull day.


Missing Dogs Team Wales has helped hundreds of pets during the pandemic.


Jill Trick "can't even put a total" on how many she has helped to locate in the seven years she's been involved.


But some stick in Jill's mind, including two dogs who escaped near M4 services within a month of each other.


"Because of the very dangerous area [in which] they both had run off, it had to be very carefully planned and monitored," dog rescuer Jill, who works in the Swansea area, said.


Despite no links to each other, the pair both escaped very shortly after being adopted.


"Food was first placed to keep them interested, along with wildlife cameras to see them eating the food," she said.


Jill said the first dog, Ben, was safely caught in a trap inside a shed by her colleague Anthony Bailey, but Pembrokeshire Corgi Charm was still missing.


"I found an old dumped wheelie bin in nearby bushes which I set up as a bedding area for her to stay warm and dry," Jill said.


"This was January last year and temperatures were freezing. That week, we viewed the cameras and saw that she was coming near this makeshift bed after we left the area during the day and the night."


Jill, a former coordinator and police liaison for Wales with Doglost, approached Charm with a friend one night, and coaxed her closer to them with pieces of chicken.


"Thankfully the last piece of chicken worked in my favour and she was reunited the next day when her new owner travelled from Gloucester to fetch her."


Jill's team was even called in on Christmas Eve to help Bobby, a crossbreed who went missing.


The team went searching with the help of an English Pointer, Joe, who belongs to one of the volunteers.

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